Restoring Access to Projects

You can restore access to an ALM project or template project that is not in your current Projects list in Site Administration. For example, you may want to access a project from another server. After you restore access to a project, it is added to the Projects list in Site Administration.


  • Before restoring the project, make sure that the database where the project resides exists in the DB Servers tab in Site Administration on your ALM server. The ALM server needs to access the contents of the restored project from the project's database. For more information, see Upgrading Projects to a New Version.

  • When restoring a project, you should select the dbid.xml file located in the project repository. This ensures that the project retains its original ID. If a project does not have its original ID, the following cross project features may not function properly: cross project customization, importing and synchronizing libraries, and cross project graphs.

  • If you are restoring your project from a different directory, or if you renamed your schema or restored it to a different database, you must update the dbid.xml file accordingly. For details, see Updating the dbid.xml file.

  • You must first restore and upgrade any template projects before restoring and upgrading other projects. If the template project and its linked projects are in different databases, ensure that the template project’s database is accessible when restoring any linked projects.