Upgrading Domains and Projects

After the project has been verified and repaired, you can proceed to upgrade your project to the current version of ALM.

For details on the overall upgrade process, including prerequisites, see About Upgrading Projects.

By default, the upgrade process runs in non-silent mode. When running the process in non-silent mode, ALM may pause and prompt you for input when an error occurs. Instead, you can choose to run the process in silent mode. When running the process in silent mode, ALM aborts the process without prompting you for input.

After the project has been upgraded, you can no longer use the project with a previous version of Quality Center.


  • During the upgrade process, the project directory must be accessible. For example, if your project directory is located on a file server, ensure that the server is running.
  • Version Control: Version control enabled projects from Quality Center 10.00 or ALM 11.00 cannot be upgraded to ALM 16.00 while there are checked out entities. All entities must be checked in in the corresponding version of Quality Center or ALM.
  • LoadRunner Enterprise: If you were working with LoadRunner Enterprise 11.00, before upgrading other LoadRunner Enterprise projects, you must first upgrade LAB_PROJECT, and then any LoadRunner Enterprise template projects. For details on LAB_PROJECT, refer to the Micro Focus ALM Lab Management Guide: Lab Management Tab.

This section includes: