Upgrading a Project

This section describes how to upgrade a single project.

To upgrade a project:

  1. If you have backed up your project during the repair process (see Repairing Domains and Projects), proceed to step 3.

  2. Back up your projects. For details, see Backing Up Projects.

  3. In Site Administration, click the Site Projects tab.

  4. In the Projects list, select a project.

  5. Click the Maintain Project button and select Upgrade Project. The Upgrade Project dialog box opens.

  6. To run the upgrade process without any user interaction, select Run in silent mode.

  7. To start the upgrade process, click the Upgrade Project button. If the project is active, you are prompted to deactivate it. For details, see Deactivating and Activating ProjectsDeactivating and Activating Projects.

    If an error occurs while running the process in non-silent mode, a message box opens. Click the Abort or Retry buttons accordingly.

    If the upgrade fails, ALM displays an error message with reasons for the failure and refers you to the log file. You must restore the backed up project before you try to upgrade again. For details, see Restoring Projects.

  8. To pause the upgrade process, click the Pause button. To continue, click the Resume button.

  9. To abort the upgrade process, click the Abort button. Click Yes to confirm.

  10. To save the messages displayed in the Upgrade Results pane to a text file, click the Export Log button. In the Export Log to File dialog box, choose a location and type a name for the file. Click Save.

  11. To clear the messages displayed in the Upgrade Results pane, click the Clear Log button.

  12. Click Close to close the Upgrade Project dialog box.