Repairing Domains and Projects

The repair process fixes most data and schema issues found by the verification process. If the verification process finds problems that can cause data loss, the repair process does not fix these automatically. You need to repair these problems manually. To find out whether a particular issue is handled automatically or manually, refer to the verification report.

By default, the repair process runs in non-silent mode. When running the process in non-silent mode, ALM may pause and prompt you for input when an error occurs. Instead, you can choose to run the process in silent mode. When an error occurs, ALM aborts the process without prompting you for input.

After the project has been repaired, you can still use it with a previous Quality Center or ALM version.

For detailed information on the problems fixed by the repair process, and help with repairing problems that cannot be fixed by ALM, refer to the Upgrade Preparation Troubleshooting appendix in the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Installation and Upgrade Guide.

For details on the overall upgrade process, see About Upgrading Projects.

This section includes: