Verifying Domains and Projects

Before you upgrade a project, you run the verification process to check the correctness of your database user schema and data. Although your database user schema and data may be correct for your previous Quality Center or ALM version, they may not be consistent with the specifications for the current version of ALM.

The verification process detects problems in your environment, settings, schema structure, and data integrity that could cause the upgrade to fail. It generates a verification report which alerts you to problems that can be repaired by ALM and problems that you should manually repair.

By default, the verification report is saved on the ALM server machine. To change this default location, use the VERIFY_REPORT_FOLDER site parameter.

After the project has been verified, you can still use it with a previous version of Quality Center or ALM.

For detailed information on the problems detected by the verification process, see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Installation and Upgrade Guide: Upgrade Preparation Troubleshooting.

You can define an exception file to instruct ALM to ignore errors detected while running the verification, repair, or upgrade process. For details, see Defining an Exception File.

For details on the overall upgrade process, see About Upgrading Projects.

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