About Upgrading Projects for Major and Minor Versions

This section describes the process required for working with Quality Center or ALM projects from previous versions.

Before upgrading, verify and repair your projects to detect and correct errors in your database user schema and data.


Upgrade Versions

The following table describes how to upgrade projects from previous Quality Center and ALM versions. Note that not all projects can be upgraded directly to ALM 16.00.

From version:

Latest version to support direct upgrade:

ALM 11.0

ALM 12.2

ALM 11.5x

ALM 12.5

ALM 12.0 ALM 15.0
ALM 12.2x - 15.0.X ALM 15.5
ALM 12.5x - 15.x.x ALM 16.00

Caution: Before performing any upgrade, the current repository must be moved to the correct location for the new version.

Project Upgrade Considerations

Review the following before you upgrade projects to ALM 16.00:

  • Version Control:

    • Upgrading version control enabled projects. Version control enabled projects cannot be upgraded to ALM 16.00 while there are checked out entities. All entities must be checked in to the corresponding version of Quality Center or ALM. To determine if there are checked out entities, see this KB article.

  • Server Locales: Before upgrading a project, ensure that the system locale on the ALM server, database, and file servers, all match.

Upgrade Steps

The upgrade workflow consists of the following steps:  

  1. Verify project. Detects problems in your environment, schema structure, and data integrity that could cause the project upgrade to fail.

    The verification process generates a report which indicates problems that can be repaired by ALM and problems that you should repair manually. For details, see Verifying Domains and Projects.

  2. Repair project. Fixes data and schema issues found by the verification process. If the verification process finds problems that can cause data loss, the repair process does not fix them automatically. You need to repair these problems manually. For details, see Repairing Domains and Projects.

    Before you start the repair process, you should back up your project. For details, see Backing Up Projects.

    In the event that the repair fails, you must restore backed up projects before trying the repair process again. For details, see Restoring Projects.

  3. Upgrade project. Upgrades your project to the current version of ALM. For details, see Upgrading Domains and Projects.

    Before you upgrade the project, back up your project. For information, see Backing Up Projects.

    In the event that the upgrade fails, you must restore backed-up projects before trying the upgrade process again. For information, see Restoring Projects.

  4. For detailed information on the problems detected and fixed by the verification and repair processes, and help with repairing problems that cannot be fixed by ALM, refer to the Upgrade Preparation Troubleshooting appendix in the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Installation and Upgrade Guide.