Connection String Builder Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to build custom connection strings. It also enables you to use connection strings that are already defined in Site Administration.

To access

From the Global Settings window, under Specify a storage location for QC Sense data, click Store data in another schema, and then click .

See also QC Sense Server Configuration Window

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description
Connection string parameters

This option enables you to build the connection string by selecting a database type and defining parameters.

  • Database Type. The database type can be MS SQL or Oracle.
  • Server Host. The server name.
  • Port. The port number of the database server. The default ports are:
    • Oracle: 1521
    • MS SQL: 1433
  • SID. The service ID for an Oracle database server. The SID field can be edited only for Oracle database type.
Connection string from registered database server in Site Administration

This option enables you to select connection strings from registered database servers in Site Administration.

  • DB Server Name. The database server name.
  • Use DB Admin credentials. Use the database administrator credentials of the selected database server.
Custom connection string

This option enables you to define complex and non-standard connection strings directly here.