ALM Robot Dashboard Actions

On the dashboard window, you can view the activities and their statuses, and perform the following actions.

Abort to stop any running activities

You can abort the task that is currently running or allow it to finish. All subsequent tasks on other projects are not started.


  • ALM Robot does not back up the repository, database, or Site Administration schema. These steps must be performed manually before running ALM Robot. Additionally, when the upgrade includes the usage of a new database, the database schema must be restored manually.
  • If an activity is stopped during the upgrade action, the project may become corrupted. If this occurs, the database administrator must roll back the project using its backed up database schema and repository.
Customize the list of activities You can filter or sort the list, and delete any finished activities you no longer need.
View activity progress by clicking the Activity ID number
  • A list of the tasks (projects) processed in the activity.
  • Project dependencies. Projects that have lab extensions are dependent on Lab_Project, and projects that are linked to a template are dependent on the template project.
  • The status of each project.
  • The status of an action performed on each project is displayed in a tooltip. Hover over each point in the Progress Status to see the action performed.
  • The duration of a task (project) within the activity.
Download logs for each project

Select the tasks (projects) you want to include in a log, and click Export Logs.

This option enables you to export log files from the ALM server to your client machine.

Note: Selecting a large number of projects and clicking Export Logs can cause a delay in the download process.