Considerations Before Getting Started with ALM Robot

Caution: Projects must be backed up before running any activity in ALM Robot.

  • ALM Robot does not support upgrading multiple projects when their database schemas are stored in different database types or versions per activity. Each activity must contain projects based on the same database instance.

  • ALM Robot supports running activities on ALM 11.52 or later.

  • ALM Robot does not back up the repository, database, or Site Administration schema. These steps must be performed manually before running ALM Robot.
  • Prior to running ALM Robot, if you are using a new database server, you must back up the schema on the original database server and restore it manually to the target database server.

  • Prior to running ALM Robot, make sure that the project schema exists on your target database.

  • Only one activity can be executed at a time.
  • If an activity is stopped during the upgrade action, the project may become corrupted. If this occurs, the database administrator must roll back the project using its backed up database schema and repository.
  • ALM Robot cannot upgrade projects with the Service Test Management extension. This extension is no longer available in ALM 12.50.

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