About Configuring Servers and Parameters

You use the Servers tab to configure ALM server information. You can set the server log files and maximum number of database handles. For details, see Configuring Server Information.

You use the DB Servers tab to define database servers that were not defined during installation. For each database server, you enter the database type, database name, default connection string, and administrator user and password. For details, see Defining New Database Servers.

You also use the DB Servers tab to modify existing database server definitions. For details, see Modifying Database Server Properties. In addition, you can configure the text search option for a specified database server that has the text search feature installed and configured. For details, see Configuring Text Search.

You use the Site Configuration tab to add and modify ALM configuration parameters. For details, see Setting ALM Configuration Parameters. In addition, you can set the mail protocol to be used by all the server nodes in your ALM site. For details, see Setting the ALM Mail Protocol.