Filtering Site Usage

You can analyze the number of users that have connected to your ALM site at specific points over time by filtering by projects, users, or license types.

To filter site usage:

  1. In Site Administration, click the Site Analysis tab.

  2. Click the Filter button in the bottom right corner. The Set Filter dialog box opens.

  3. Under Filter By, select the category that you want to filter:

    • Projects. Displays all the ALM domains and projects.

    • Users. Displays all the ALM site users.

    • License Types. Displays all the available license types.

  4. Click the items you want to include in the filter.

    • For Projects, double-click the domain folder to display the domain's projects, and select the projects you want to include. To filter all projects in the domain, select the domain folder.

    • For Users, select the users you want to include.

    • For License Types, select the licenses you want to include.

  5. To clear the selected filter conditions, click the Clear button .

  6. Click OK to apply the filter and close the Set Filter dialog box. The new line chart or data grid is displayed.