Monitoring Site Usage

You can monitor the number of licensed users that have connected to an ALM site over a selected period of time. You can analyze the usage level of each module and extension, and track the peak usage level in the current month. The data can be displayed in line graphs or data grids. In addition, you can filter records by projects, users, or license type, and save data to a file.

Note: You can also monitor the users currently connected to an ALM server. For details, see Managing User Connections and Licenses.

To monitor site usage:

  1. In Site Administration, click the Site Analysis tab.

  2. In the Type box, select a display type:

    • Line Chart. Displays the data as a line graph.

    • Data Grid. Displays the data as a grid.

  3. In the right pane under Period, select a set or custom period of time you want the line graph or data grid to show.

  4. Under Level of Detail, select the time period between each measurement.

  5. Click the Filter button to open the Set Filter dialog box and filter the graph contents. For details, see Filtering Site Usage.

  6. To customize the appearance of a Line Chart graph, see Customizing the Site Analysis Line Chart Graph.

  7. If you chose Data Grid, you can save the contents of a data grid as a text file, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Microsoft Word document, or HTML document. To save, click the Save As button. For details, see Exporting Site Analysis Data to a File.

  8. To refresh data in the graph, click the Refresh button.