Defining Searchable Fields

For each project, you must define the fields to be included in the search in project customization. The searchable option is only available in the Requirement, Test, Business Component, Business Process Models, and Defect entities.

The following are available as searchable fields: 

  • User-defined fields with field type Memo or String.

  • The following system fields.


Searchable System Fields

Business Component
  • Comments

  • Component Folder

  • Component Name

  • Description

  • Original Location

  • Subtype ID

Business Process Model Activities
  • Comments

  • Description

  • Text

Business Process Models
  • Comments

  • Description


  • Comments

  • Description

  • Summary


  • Comments

  • Description

  • Name

  • Rich Text


  • Comments


  • Comments

  • Description

  • Path

  • Protocol Type

  • Template

  • Test Name

To define a searchable field:

  1. In the ALM main window, on the masthead, click , then select Customize. The Project Customization window opens.

  2. Click the Project Entities link. The Project Entities page opens. For details on customizing project entities, see Customizing Project Entities.

  3. Expand an entity, and select a system or user-defined field that can be made searchable.

  4. Select the Searchable check box.

  5. Click Save to save your changes to the Project Entities page.