Components with Automated Content

Use the Automation tab in the Business Components module to create or modify automated business component content either: 

  • As scripts, implemented in a testing tool such as UFT One (scripted GUI or API automation) or UFT Developer

  • In the form of keyword-driven steps and expected results (keyword GUI automation)

    Steps represent operations that should be performed on your application when you run the component in a business process test or flow. Each step is made up of an item (an object in the application or an operation), and an operation. The available items and operations are defined by the automation engineer in the object repository and the function libraries. These objects and operations can be saved in ALM, making them available for insertion into steps by the subject matter expert.

Note: Most of the information, examples, and images in this Help file focus specifically on working with keyword GUI automated components. However, much of the information also applies to scripted components (either scripted GUI or API).

When using the automated runner to run a business process test or flow in ALM, the steps or script defined in an automated component are performed.