Work with Business Process Testing

This roadmap for designing and implementing business process testing presents the bottom-up approach and includes the following phases:



Component Specification

Develop a component tree with components.

Create the component shell by adding basic details.

Create component content by adding manual and/or automated implementations. Component content can contain:

  • Manual implementation for manual components

  • Automation, for automated components

  • Both manual implementation and automation

For task details on creating components, see Create business components in ALM.

Data Handling

Design the data that each business process test, flow, or component uses when run.

For task details, see How to Handle Data in Business Process Testing.

Test Planning

Build test plans and design business process tests and flows.

For task details, see Plan business process tests and flows.

Test Execution

Create a subset of the business process tests in your project and run them.

For task details, see How to Run Business Process Tests and Flows Manually and How to Run Automated Business Process Tests and Flows.

For an example of a common workflow using BPT Packaged Apps Kit, see Working with BPT Packaged Apps Kit.