Business Components Overview

The Business Components module enables you to create, define, modify, and manage business components in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). These components provide the basis for Business Process Testing and are incorporated into business process tests and flows.

A business component is a reusable unit that:

  • Performs a specific task in a business process

  • Describes the condition or state of the application before and after that task

Example: Business Components

Business Component Name


Application State Before

Application State After


Banker logs into banking application


The application is launched and the main home page is displayed.


Banker searches for an existing loan

The banker is logged in and the main home page is displayed.

The application displays the main loan details page, or a page indicating that the loan was not found.

Business components are comprised of: 

  • A Shell (general information such as component name, status). For task details on creating components and providing the shell, see Create business components in ALM.

  • Content (steps or scripts). Low-level, detailed information, such as the component's manual steps and/or automation. The contents provide detailed instructions for performing business process tasks in the application. Component content can be manual, automated, or both—depending on whether you create a manual implementation and/or automation for the component.

You can use a component in multiple business process tests and flows. When you modify a component or its content, all business process tests or flows containing that component reflect that modification.

You can use run conditions to enable components to run selectively, based on earlier stages within the test or flow. For task details, see How to Set Run Conditions.

When BPT Packaged Apps Kit learns a flow or test, it creates a new business component for each screen or tab through which you navigate in your applications. BPT Packaged Apps Kit also enables you to identify and reuse learned components instead of creating new components in your flow/test. For task details on learning, see How to Learn Flows and Business Process Tests.

Tip: For samples of how to create graphs for Business Process Testing framework component metrics, see this KB article.