Parameter Linkage Overview

Parameter linkage enables you to make data available between business components and flows.

Product Feature Movie: To view a movie that demonstrates how to handle Business Process Testing parameters, select Help > Movies in the ALM main window.

To link parameters, you pass the values of output parameters to input parameters of subsequent business components and flows in a test. The process of setting the value of an input parameter to the value of an output parameter is called linking output and input parameters.


The CreateLoan business component has an output parameter that contains a generated loan ID. A subsequent business component, SearchLoan, can verify the loan if it has access to CreateLoan’s loan ID value. This access is provided by linking the CreateLoan’s output parameter to SearchLoan’s input parameter.

The component or flow in which the output parameter is defined is the source. The component or flow that links to that output parameter is the target. In the example above, CreateLoan is the source component and SearchLoan is the target component.

For task details, see How to Link Data.

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