Parameters Overview

This section describes how to create and work with Business Process Testing parameters at the component, flow, and test levels.

You can define parameters using various methods and at different points in working in Business Process Testing. For reference details, see Methods for Creating Parameters.

For conceptual details on parameters, see Data Handling Overview.

For task details on creating parameters, see How to Create Parameters.

For task details on setting parameter values, see How to Set Parameter Values.

You assign the following types of values to parameters:

  • Default values. If no other value is specified, Business Process Testing uses default values when running business process tests and flows. You set default values when creating and editing variables in the Business Components and Test Plan modules. Only input parameters can have default values.
  • Actual values. These values are used when the test or flow runs. You can specify actual values in the Test Plan module when working with iterations and test configurations. You can also specify actual values when running a business process test or flow in the Test Lab module.