Change Detection and Resolution Overview

Available for BPT Packaged Apps Kit Users

This section describes how you can detect changes in your packaged app that necessitate modifications to your flows and business process tests, and how you can instruct BPT Packaged Apps Kit to make these modifications automatically.

Change detection and resolution simplify component maintenance, thereby reducing the effort needed to invest in automated testing.


  • If BPT Packaged Apps Kit is not enabled for your project, this feature is not available. Access to BPT Packaged Apps Kit must be provided by your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Project Administrator using Project Customization. An administrator can enable BPT Packaged Apps Kit in ALM by by clicking , then selecting Customize > Business Process Test and selecting the Enable BPT Packaged Apps Kit check box. For details, see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Administrator GuideBusiness Process Test Page.

  • Unified Functional Testing must be installed with its SAP plug-in to use this feature.


Suppose you are testing a screen for inputting contact information for new customers. The screen contains the fields Name, Address, and Phone Number. You create a test that verifies that information entered in these fields is correctly added to your customer database. Suppose you now add an E-mail Address field to the screen. If you run your test in regular mode, the test may pass and you may not notice that there is an additional field that should be tested. However, if you run the test in Change Detection mode, BPT Packaged Apps Kit notices that the field was added to the screen and suggests adding a step to the component corresponding to the new field. You can then run an updated version of the business process test or flow that includes verification of the additional field.

Similarly, if a field was removed from the screen, BPT Packaged Apps Kit notices that the field was removed, even if no step in the component corresponds to the field. The Change Detection Report suggests updating the component to the changed screen.