Test and Flow Execution Overview

You run business process tests and flows, and view run results, in the:

  • Test Plan module, typically when designing your tests.

  • Test Lab module, when you are ready to run a complete business process test or flow, or to run it as part of a larger test set. From the Test Lab module, you can view the results of the test run. These results include the steps in each business component, the actual value of each component parameter for each iteration, and the results of individual steps.

Business process tests and flows can contain manual and automated components:


If automating business components, you can check for problems arising from the combination and order of components in a business process test or flow by running the test in Debug mode. You can also check for syntax or logic errors in specific business components by running them individually in UFT One or another testing tool. For task details, see How to Debug Tests and Flows Containing Automated Components.