Learn Process Overview

Available for BPT Packaged Apps Kit Users

This section describes how BPT Packaged Apps Kit users can learn flows and business process tests automatically by navigating through packaged apps.

During the Learn process, BPT Packaged Apps Kit:

  • Learns the actions performed when navigating packaged apps.

  • Breaks down the learned actions into a sequence of automated UFT One keyword and/or scripted GUI business components, each representing a screen, tab, or transaction in your app.

  • Creates steps in each component based on the operations you perform.

  • Populates an existing flow or test with the learned automated components.

  • Automatically creates input component parameters for controls in the user interface that require user input, such as text fields. The default value for these parameters is the value inserted in these fields during the Learn process.

  • Automatically creates output parameters.

    Tip: By default, output parameters that are added during the Learn process are promoted to flow or test parameters. You may want to remove an output parameter from its level and define it as an output component parameter if it is used only within its flow or test.

  • Automatically creates screenshots.

  • Enables you to take snapshots as you learn.

  • Enables you to insert checkpoints and output values into the flow or test.

  • Analyzes each of the components in the flow or test to see if one or more components exists that are similar to, or identical to, the learned components. If such a component exists, you can reuse the existing component instead of creating a new component.

Note: During the Learn process, resources are created in the BPT Resources folder in the Test Resources module. For business process tests or flows to perform properly, this folder and its subfolders should not be renamed, moved, or deleted.

For app-specific details on how BPT Packaged Apps Kit breaks up a learned flow or test into components and creates parameters, see BPT Packaged Apps Kit App-specific Information.

For task details, see How to Learn Flows and Business Process Tests.