Considerations for uploading data to ALM

  • To upload data to ALM, you must first map ALM fields to the Excel worksheet columns. You can manually map ALM fields to worksheet columns, or the Microsoft Excel Add-in can map fields automatically. For automatic mapping to succeed, the column headings in your worksheet must be identical to the field names in ALM.

  • When you upload a new or existing requirement, test, or defect to ALM, it is created with the user name that you use to upload it.

    Example: If you upload a defect to ALM with alex_alm as the user name, the defect’s history shows alex_alm as the person who changed the defect.

  • You cannot upload the following ALM fields from Excel:

    Module Name Field Name
    Requirements Date, Time, Modified, ReqID, Direct Cover Status
    Test Plan Modified, Test Step Actual, Test Step Exec Date, Test Step Exec Time, Test Step Source ID, Status
    Defects Defect ID, Modified
  • You must have full create and modify permissions in ALM for the type of record that you are uploading.

    Example: If you are uploading tests, you must have permissions for adding and modifying the test plan tree, design steps, and folders.

  • You cannot upload automation tests from Excel.

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