Micro Focus ALM Lab Management Guide

Welcome to Micro Focus ALM Lab Management. Lab Management allows users to manage the lab resources and systems they use for Functional and Performance testing in ALM.

This help describes how to use the Lab Management project. It provides descriptive and conceptual information, step-by-step guidance to help you work with the project, and explanations of reference-oriented material.

The Micro Focus ALM Lab Management Guide contains the following chapters:

Chapter Description
Lab Management at a Glance Describes the Lab Management modules.
Lab Management Administration

Describes how to perform Lab Management Administration.

Relevant tasks: How to Create Lab Management Administrators and How to Work with Lab Management Administration.


Describes how to define and manage project settings.

Relevant task: How to Create a Project

Maintenance Tasks

Describes how to manage the automated tasks that monitor the key system components.

Lab Resources

Describes how to define and manage testing hosts, host pools, and arrange for timeslot testing.

Relevant task: Managing Lab Resources

Project Management

Describes how to migrate a Lab Management system from a staging to a production environment.

Relevant task: How to Migrate a Lab Management System from a Staging to a Production Environment

CDA Servers

Describes how to create, view, and manage CDA servers.

Relevant task: How to Manage CDA Servers.

Lab Service

Describes how to install and use ALM Lab Service to run ALM tests on remote testing hosts.

Relevant task: Using ALM Lab Service