ALM Homepage

When you open an ALM project, My Homepage opens to highlight your open work items, most recent updates, and dashboards

My Work

The following table describes what My Homepage highlights about your work.


By default, it displays the number of the following entities in the current week, month, or year. You can click the number, if it's not zero, to see the entity list.

  • Defects Assigned to Me

    Defects assigned to you and the status is not "Closed".

  • My Active Defects

    Defects detected by you and the status is not "Closed".

  • My Blocked Tests

    Test instances where you are the “Responsible Tester” and the status is “Blocked”.

  • Tests Assigned to Me

    Test instances of the type “MANUAL” where you are the “Responsible Tester” and the status is “No Run” or “Not Completed”.

To customize the Overview section, see Customize Overview items.

Recent Visits

Lists the defects, tests, requirements, and analysis items that were most recently created, viewed, or updated. For each type of entity, only the top 10 most recent entities are listed.

You can click the entity ID to see the details.

Entities that were modified in batch are not listed.

What's New Provides a summary of new features and enhancements that were introduced in the current version.

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Customize Overview items

To customize the Overview section of My Homepage:

  1. In the top-right corner of the Overview widget, click .

  2. You can do the following customizations.

    Customization Details
    Add items

    New items are added in the Waiting List. The list can have up to 4 items.

    To add an item:

    1. Click to add an item.
    2. In the Name field, enter a name for the Overview item.
    3. In the Filter field, copy the filter settings from one of the following areas and use Ctrl+V to paste the entire settings. This field doesn't allow manual editing.

      • Test Plan module

      • Execution Grid of Test Set in Test Lab module

      • Requirement module

      • Defect module

    4. The Entity Type field is auto-filled if the filter settings are valid.
    5. (Optional) In the Description field, provide a description for the item.
    Copy items

    To add an item by copying an existing one:

    1. Select the item to copy, and then click .
    2. Edit the Name, Filter, and Description of the new item.

      To edit the filter, click next to the Filter field to clear the existing filter settings, and then use Ctrl+V to past new filter settings.

    Delete items

    Select the item to delete, and then click .

    When you delete a displayed item, the first item in the waiting list will be automatically moved to the displayed items list.

    Reorder items

    Select an item, and click the up arrow to move it up or the down arrow to move it down.

    Only displayed items will be shown in the Overview section.

  3. Click Save to save your customizations.

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My Dashboard

The My Dashboard tab displays the graphs of the dashboard that you have pinned to My Homepage.

To pin a dashboard to My Homepage:

  1. On the ALM sidebar, under Dashboard, select Dashboard View.

  2. Right-click a dashboard, and select Pin to Homepage.

    If you pin another dashboard to the homepage, it will replace the dashboard you already pinned before.

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Open or close My Homepage

By default, My Homepage is opened every time you log into your project. If you don't want it to be displayed in every login, clear the option Always display home page after login at the bottom of the homepage.

To close My Homepage, click any modules.

To open the My Homepage, on the top of the sidebar, click the homepage icon .

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