Analysis Overview

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) provides you with analysis tools enabling you to analyze and display ALM data in various formats.

Dashboard Modules

In the Dashboard modules, you analyze ALM data by creating graphs, project reports, and Excel reports. You can also create dashboard pages that display multiple graphs side-by-side.

Dashboard contains the following modules:

  • Analysis View module. Contains the analysis tree in which you organize all of your analysis items. Analysis items can be any of the following analysis types: graphs, project reports, and Excel reports.

    Users with the required administrator permissions also have access to the Analysis Menus tab. This tab enables you to manage the analysis items that are generated from within the Analysis menu in specific modules, such as Requirements and Test Lab.

  • Dashboard View module. Contains the dashboard tree in which you organize dashboard pages. In dashboard pages you arrange multiple graphs that you created in the analysis tree, and display them in a single view.

Additional Analysis Tools

  • Live Analysis graphs. Enables you to create and display a dynamic graphic representation of data related to test plans and test sets. For details, see Live Analysis Graphs.

For task details, see How to Analyze Data in ALM.

Note: Run step information of runs executed in Sprinter are not included in any of the reporting tools.