Business View Excel Reports Overview

A business view is a data layer that exists on top of the database and which reflects only those project entity fields that represent information that is useful from a business perspective.

For example, a business view based on the Baselines entity could contain the Name, Description, and Baseline ID fields. This is because these fields convey information that could be of importance to the consumer who needs to understand baseline information from a business perspective only. By the same logic, the same business view would not include the Attachment and Auto complete type fields, as they are of little business significance.

Business views can be based on single entities, such as Baselines or Defects, while others can represent more complex relationships between entities, such as Defects With Linked Requirements.

In addition to the pre-defined business views, additional views can be created in Project Customization. For details, refer to the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Administrator Guide: Business Views.

You can create and modify Business View Excel reports in Microsoft Excel. This enables you to analyze your data using any of the capabilities available in Excel, and then upload the report to ALM.

Business View Excel reports can be created using data from multiple projects.

For task details, see How to Generate a Business View Excel Report.