Graphs and Dashboard Pages Overview

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) graphs help you analyze and view the relationships between different types of data.

You can create the following types of graphs in ALM:

  • Business View Graphs. A graph based on a business view represents either a single entity or multiple entities, and reflects business value information only. For details about business view graphs, see Business View Graphs Overview.

  • Entity Graphs. Each graph is based on a single entity only, such as requirements or defects, and enables you to view any of the entity's attributes.

    When creating an Entity graph, you can use several graph types. For details on available types, see Entity Graph Types.

    When viewing Entity graphs, you can drill down to the records represented by each bar or segment.

After you have created graphs in the Analysis View module, you can select and arrange multiple graphs, and view them side-by-side in a dashboard page.

You can create graphs that include data from multiple ALM projects.

ALM Editions: Cross project graphs are not available for Quality Center Enterprise Edition, Quality Center Community Edition, or Quality Center Express Edition. For information about ALM editions and their functionality, see ALM Editions. To find out what edition of ALM you are using, ask your ALM site administrator.

For related tasks, see How to Generate a Graph and How to Generate a Dashboard Page.