Test Resources Overview

The Test Resources module enables you to manage resources used by your tests. You can organize your resources by defining a hierarchical test resource tree containing resource folders and resources. For each resource in the tree, you select and upload a set of resource files to the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) repository. These files can be used by one or more tests.

You can then define dependencies between resources and tests. For more details on dependencies, see Entity Dependencies Overview.

For task details, see How to Use Test Resources.


Michael, a QA tester, works with an external testing tool that stores its tests in ALM. Each test uses a shared configuration file that is common to a number of tests. He therefore wants a single point of maintenance for the configuration file, rather than saving separate copies of the file for each test.

Michael uses his testing tool to define the configuration file as a resource and define each test that uses the file as dependent on that resource. As only one copy of the resource exists in ALM, replacing the configuration file would replace it for all tests that depend on it.

After Michael defines dependencies, if he attempts to delete the resource, ALM will warn him that this may affect tests that depend on it. In addition, if he copies one of the tests that depend on the resource between projects, ALM will enable him to choose to copy the resource as well as the test.