Non-versioned Fields

When you are working with version control, changes made to the following fields are not stored in previous versions of the entities:




  • Reviewed

  • Direct Cover Status

  • Target Release

  • Target Cycle

  • All RBQM fields.


Execution Status

Consider the following when working with non-versioned fields in a version control enabled project:



Undo a checkout

Any changes you made to non-versioned fields while the entity was checked out are not cancelled and the new values remain.

Checkout a previous version

The value of a non-versioned field is the value in the currently checked in version.

View and compare previous versions

Non-versioned fields are displayed with the value Non-versioned Field.

When viewing and comparing previous versions, pages specific to data for which version control data is not stored , such as the Linked Entities page or the Requirement Traceability page, are not displayed.