Switch Dashboard Display Mode

A dashboard can be displayed in either Standard or Classic mode.

Standard mode

Available since 15.50

New dashboards are by default displayed in the Standard mode. Existing dashboards after the upgrade to 15.50 are automatically switched to the Standard mode.

Classic mode Existing display mode before 15.50

To switch dashboard display mode:

  1. Prerequisite: you should have the update permission to the dashboard before switching its display mode.
  2. To switch the display mode of a single dashboard, right-click the page, select Switch Display Mode.

    To switch the display mode of all dashboards in a folder, right-click the folder, and select Switch Display Mode.

  3. Select the mode you want to switch to, and click OK.

    If you switch display mode for all dashboards in a folder, only the dashboards that you can update and are not displayed in the target mode are switched.

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