How to Generate a Dashboard Page

This task describes how to generate a dashboard page in which you can arrange multiple graphs in a single view.

  1. Prerequisites

    Graphs are defined in the Analysis View module. For task details on how to create graphs, see How to Generate a Graph.

  2. Create a dashboard page

    Add a dashboard page to a folder in the dashboard tree.

    1. Open the Dashboard View module. On the ALM sidebar, under Dashboard, select Dashboard View.

    2. Add a folder to the dashboard tree. Right-click a folder under the Private or Public root folder, and select New Folder.

    3. Create a new dashboard page. Right-click a folder, and select New Page. Type a name for the dashboard page. For user interface details, see New Dashboard Page Dialog Box.

  3. (Optional) Switch dashboard display mode

    By default, new dashboard pages are displayed in the Standard mode. You can switch the display mode for dashboards that you can update.

    For details, see Switch Dashboard Display Mode.

  4. (Optional) Add a description for a dashboard page

    For details, see Details - Analysis and Dashboard.

  5. Configure a dashboard page

    Arrange the graphs you want to include on a dashboard page. For details, see Configure Dashboard Pages.

  6. View a dashboard page

    Generate and view dashboard pages. For details, see View Dashboard Pages.

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