Globally search ALM data

Global Search enables you to search for data across modules on one or multiple projects. The modules include Defects, Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab, and Analysis.

To search ALM data using Global Search:

  1. Prerequisites

    Install and activate Quality Insight. For details, see Enable Quality Insight.

  2. Open Global Search

    Choose one of the following options:

    • On the Application Lifecycle Management Options window, click the Quality Insight (Global Search included) link. In the ALM Login window, enter user name and password. In the Quality Insight page, click the Global Search tab.

    • In the ALM window, select one of the following modules: Defects, Requirements, Test Plan, Test Lab, or Analysis. On the module's toolbar, click Global Search .

  3. Search for ALM data

    1. Select the projects for inclusion in your search results.

    2. Enter your search criteria.
    3. To limit your search to a specific area of ALM, define filters.

    For user interface details and global search tips, see Global Search tab.

  4. View search results

    1. Hover over a search result to view a preview on the right-hand side of the window.

    2. Click a search result link to view the entity from ALM.

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