Send instant messages from ALM

This task describes how to send instant messages to users associated with a specific ALM entity. For example, users working on the same defect, test, or a requirement.

Note: ALM supports Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business.

  1. Prerequisites

    • The SKYPE_INTEGRATION_ENABLED site parameter must be set to "Y" (default value). For details on setting site parameters, see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Administrator Guide: Setting ALM Configuration Parameters.

    • The users must be assigned to the same ALM project. Their email addresses must also be defined. For details on setting up users, see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Administrator Guide: Managing Users in a Project.
    • The users must be signed in to IM.
  2. Start the conversation

    Select one of the following options:



    IM Presence Indicator Icon

    In a user list field, click the presence indicator icon on the left side of the user name value.

    Example: In the Requirements Details tab, click the presence indicator icon next to the author name.

    Send IM button
    1. Click the <Module> Details button. The <Module> Details dialog box opens.

      Example: In the Defects module, click the Defect Details button. The Defect Details dialog box opens.

    2. Select participant names.

      • To select a single participant: Click the Send IM drop-down arrow and select a name from the list.
      • To select multiple participants: Click the Send IM button to open the Select IM Participants dialog box. Select the participants from the grid. Click Send IM.

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