Add Advanced Coverage Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to add criteria and test configurations to coverage.

To access
  1. In the Test Plan module, select a business process test from the test plan tree. Click the Req Coverage tab.

  2. Click Select Req to display the Requirement Tree pane.

  3. Select a requirement. Click Add to coverage . The Add Advanced Coverage dialog box opens.

Important information
  • Business Process Testing: This dialog box is available only for business process tests.

  • If the root folder is selected, the Add to coverage button is disabled.

  • This dialog box opens only if the selected business process test contains criteria and test configurations.

Relevant tasks

How to Create Coverage

See also

Coverage Analysis View

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element



Enables you to select criteria.

Business Process Testing: Functionality related to test criteria is available only for business process tests. For details, see the Micro Focus Business Process Testing User Guide: How to Create Coverage by Criteria.


Enables you to select test configurations. For details, see the Test Configuration Overview.

Don't show me this dialog again

Hides this dialog box.

To reveal this dialog box, select View > Req Coverage > Show Advanced Coverage dialog.