Analysis View Window

This window enables you to create, manage and view analysis items. Analysis items include graphs, project reports, and Excel reports.

To access

On the ALM sidebar, under Dashboard, select Analysis View.

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How to Analyze Data in ALM

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Analysis View tab

Organize your analysis items under private, public, and shared root folders.

  • Public folder. Analysis items that you create in a public folder are accessible to all users.

  • Private folder. Analysis items that you create in a private folder are accessible only to the user that created them.

  • Shared folder. Analysis items are displayed under a shared folder if they were shared as templates across projects. For details on sharing as templates across projects, see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Administrator Guide: Applying Template Project and Reports Customization to Linked Projects. (Available from ALM 15.0.1.)


  • Analysis items in public folders may show different results for different users, depending on the data hiding definitions for the user group. For details on data permissions, see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Administrator Guide: Hiding Data for a User Group.

  • You cannot move analysis items within a folder. When you refresh the tree view, folder items are alphabetized.

  • For information on health reports, see Health Reports.
Analysis Menus tab

Enables you to view and manage the behavior of analysis items that are generated from within modules, such as Requirements and Test Plan.

Analysis items are listed according to the modules in which they appear.

Available for: Users with the required administrator permissions only.

<Analysis View common UI elements>
Details tab

Displays details of the selected analysis item or folder. For details, see Details - Analysis and Dashboard.

Configuration tab

Enables you to configure the selected analysis item. For user interface details, see:

View tab

Displays the selected graph. For user interface details, see View Tab - Graphs/Graph Window.

Note: Project reports and Excel reports are viewed in external applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Word.