Edit Query Dialog Box

The Edit Query dialog box enables you to configure the Business View Excel report.

To access
  1. In the ALM tab in Excel, click Add or New Report.

  2. Select the business view and click OK.

  3. In the Advanced tab of the the Worksheet Configuration pane, click Edit Query.

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User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


Generates a preview of the data that is returned by the business view query.

Validates the query. The following checks are performed:

  • That the DQL syntax is correct.

  • That the query contains only fields from selected entities.

Deletes the selected business view from the query.

Main pane

Displays a <business view> dialog box for every business view that has been added to the query, as well as defined relationships between business views.

<business view> dialog box

Appears in the Main pane after you add a business view to the query. The dialog box displays all available fields within the business view. Use the check boxes to select fields to add to the view.

Default: All fields are included in the query. The check boxes appear unchecked.

Model pane

Displays available business views.

To add a business view to the query, select it and click Add . Alternatively, you can add business views by dragging them to the Main pane.

Note: Business views are listed alphabetically according to their Labels, with their technical names in brackets.

<selected fields grid>

Enables you to define filter criteria for business view fields.

To add a field to the grid, in the <business view> dialog box in the Main pane, use the check boxes to select the desired fields.

Tip: You can use the Alias column to change a field's label.

DQL Query Builder

Displays the business view query.

The query updates automatically as you add entities and define relationships.

You can create and edit a view by entering the query directly in the DQL Query Builder.

Query Results pane

Appears when you click Preview. Displays the following information:

  • Query Results. Valid views only. Displays a preview of the view.

  • Query Messages. Invalid views only. Displays messages detailing problems with the view. Place the cursor over the message text to view a tooltip displaying the full message.