Criteria Tab

This tab enables you to view the criteria of the selected business process test.

To access

In the test plan tree, select a business process test, and click the Criteria tab.

Important information

Business Process Testing: Functionality related to test criteria is only available for business process tests. For details, see the Micro Focus Business Process Testing User Guide: How to Create Coverage by Criteria.

See also

Requirement and Test Coverage Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Refresh. Refreshes the criteria grid.

Goes to the Test Script tab and highlights the selected component.


The name of the criterion.

Execution Status

The current execution status of the criterion. Execution status can be one of the following: Failed, N/A, No Run, Not Completed, Passed.

Created by

The user name of the person who created the criterion.

Creation date

The date on which the criterion was created. By default, the creation date is set to the server date on which the criterion was created.


The description of the criterion.