Master Plan Tab

This tab displays the progress of a release in a Gantt chart.

To access

In the Releases module, select a release and click the Master Plan tab.

Important information

ALM Editions: Functionality related to PPT is available for ALM Edition only. For information about ALM editions and their functionality, see ALM Editions. To find out what edition of ALM you are using, ask your ALM site administrator.

Relevant tasks

How to Work with PPT

See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Show Details. Opens the appropriate Details dialog box, depending on the selected entity. You can select the following entities: cycles, milestones, and release scope items.

For more details on cycle details, see New Cycle/Cycle Details Dialog Box.

For more details on milestone details, see Milestone Details Dialog Box.

For more details on release scope item details, see New Scope Item/Scope Item Details Dialog Box.

Tip: You can also double-click an entity on the chart. The appropriate Details dialog box opens.

Refresh. Refreshes the chart.

Reschedule. Reschedules the start and end date of a release, cycle or milestone. For details, see Reschedule Release/Cycle/Milestone Dialog Box.

Zoom In/Out. Changes the magnification of the chart.

Display Entire Release. Restores the chart to its normal size. This button is enabled when the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons are in use.

Full Screen View. Opens the chart in a new window and maximizes its display.