Select Entity Type Page

This wizard page enables you to set the entity and type.

Important information
  • General information about this wizard is available here: Graph Wizard.
  • When the wizard is launched from the Analysis View module, this page is only available if you selected Entity Graph in the Select Graph Type Page.
Wizard map

The Graph Wizard contains:

Select Graph Type Page > Select Business View Page > "Select Entity Type Page" above > Select Projects Page > Select Test Set Option Page > Select Filter Page > Select Graph Attributes Page > Select Coverage Page

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element



The ALM entity covered by the graph.

Note: Applicable only if you launched the graph wizard from the Analysis View module.

Graph Type

The type of graph that you want to create. The available types of graph depend on the graph. For a description of the available graph types, see Entity Graph Types.


Describes the selected entity/graph type.