Versions Tab

This view displays version history for a selected entity in a version control enabled project.

To access

Select an entity in the tree or grid, and click the History tab > Versions tab.

Available from the following modules: Requirements, Business Models, Business Components, Test Plan, and Test Resources.

Important information
  • To maintain usability and data integrity, ALM stores previous versions of an entity without most data related to relationships between entities. The following data is not stored for previous versions: requirements and tests coverage, requirements traceability, and defect linkage. In addition, risk data is also not stored for previous versions of an entity.

  • Changes to some fields are not stored under version control. For details, see Non-versioned Fields.

Relevant tasks

How to Use Version Control

See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A - Z)



Opens a Details dialog box, displaying read-only details for the selected version. Click a button on the sidebar to view additional details for the version, such as the Design Steps, Test Script and Attachments. The buttons available depend on the data stored under version control for the particular entity type.


Opens the Compare Entities dialog box, enabling you to compare two selected versions. For details, see Compare Entities Dialog Box.

To compare two versions, press the Ctrl key and select the versions. Then click the Compare button.

Check Out

Opens the Check Out dialog box, enabling you to check out the selected version. For details, see Check Out Dialog Box.


The baseline in which the version appears.

Comment for selected version

The comments typed by the user when checking in the version.


The date the version was created.

Modified By

The user who created the version.


The version number. If the entity is currently checked out, the Version column for the checked out version displays Checked out. If the entity is checked out by the current user, an arrow icon indicates the version that was checked out.

The default version number for a new entity is 1.