Create a project from a template

This section describes how to create a project from a template.

To create a project from a template:

  1. Open Web Administration. Click the Projects tab.

  2. Click Create Project to open the Create Project wizard.

  3. In the Choose Type step, select the Create a project from a template option, and click Next.

  4. In the Customization step, in the Domain field, select the domain where the template you want to copy is located, and in the Template field, select the template you want to copy.

    Link the selected template to this project: Select this if you want to link the selected template to the new project. The template administrator uses cross project customization to apply template customization to the linked projects. You can also link a template to the project after project creation. For details, see xxxxx

  5. Click Next.

  6. In the Add Details step, enter the project name, and select the domain where you want to create the project.

    The project name cannot be longer than 30 characters and can include only letters, digits, and underscores.

    Note: Support of non-English characters depends on the database settings used by the server. To avoid any possible issues, do not use non-English characters in project names.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Under Database Type, select Oracle or MS-SQL.

  9. Under DB Server, specify Server Name, DB Admin User, and DB Admin Password.

    By default, these fields are given default values. If additional database servers are defined, you can select another name from the Server Name list.

    For details about defining database servers, see Defining New Database Servers.

  10. Click Next.

  11. (For SaaS only) In the Create in TableSpace field, select a tablespace where this project is created. In the Temporary TableSpace field, select a temporary tablespace. Click Next.

  12. In the Add Project Administrators step, select administrators for the project.

    For details, see the Add Project Administrators step.

  13. Click Next.

  14. In the Summary step, verify the details of the project you want to create.

    For details, see the Summary step.

  15. Click Create.

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