Customers tab (for SaaS only)

This section describes how to manage customers and relations between them by using Web Administration.

Note: Options in this tab vary according to the permission level.

Overview of customers

Root customer: Micro Focus.

Owner customer: Customers that can have child customers.

End customer: Customers that cannot have child customers.

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Manage customers

The root customer can create , activate, deactivate, and delete owner customers and their end customers. Owner customers can create, activate, deactivate, and delete end customers.

Action Details
Create a customer

To create an owner customer, click the New Owner button .

To create an end customer, click the New End Customer button .

Delete a customer
  1. From the Customers list, hover over the customer to delete.

  2. Click the Delete button and click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.

Note: You cannot delete a customer that owns projects or end customers.

Activate/Deactivate a customer
  1. From the Customers list, select the customer.

  2. To deactivate the customer, click the Deactivate Customer button .

    To activate the customer, click the Activate Customer button .

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View customer attributes

From the Attributes tab, you can view information about the customer and add recipients to the SaaS notification system.

UI Element Description
General section
Name The customer name.
Tenant ID The ID number.

The customer status. The status can be active or inactive.

If a customer is inactive:

  • All its projects are inactive.
  • If it is an owner customer, all end customers under it are inactive.
  • None of its users are allowed to log in.
Number of Domains The number of domains the customer currently has.
Number of Projects The number of projects that belong to the customer.
Number of Users The number of customer users that are currently defined in the system.
Global Search section
Global Search User Select the relevant Global Search user.
Recipients from SaaS Notification System section
New Recipients Opens the New Recipient dialog box, enabling you to add a new recipient to the SaaS notification system. In the fields, type the recipient name and at least one email address. Click Save. The new recipient is displayed in the table.
Recipient Name The name of the recipient.
Email Address The email addresses of the recipient.
Actions Click the Edit button to edit a recipient. Click the Delete button to delete the recipient.

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View customer license usage

From the License tab, you can view license information and license limits for your project and all of ALM.


  • The license value in any of the end customer's fields cannot exceed the corresponding value of its owner customer.
  • License data is read only for an end customer. License data can be edited only by an owner customer.
  • When a LoadRunner Enterprise license is enabled, it cannot be disabled or removed from the database.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Saves any changes made in the License tab.

Available for: Owner customers

License Expiration Date

The license expiration date. Click to select the expiration date.

Available for: Owner customers

Projects Limit

The number of projects limited to this customer.

Note: If you set the value to -1, the customer can have an unlimited number of projects.

ALM license assignments

Displays the ALM license fields.

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Map customer to IDP

From the Customer IDP tab, you can map a selected active customer to an IDP ID.

Note: Available when SSO authentication is enabled. For details, see Setting up SSO Authentication.

Customer Name: Select an active customer.

IDP ID: Enter the IDP ID to map to the selected customer.

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