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ALM offers integration and synchronization solutions with Micro Focus and third-party tools.

ALM Tools

To install a tool, choose Help > ALM Tools in the ALM main window. The Application Lifecycle Management Tools page opens.

The following ALM tools are available:

Name Description
ALM Connectivity Tool Enables you to work with other Micro Focus testing tools as well as third-party and custom testing tools. You can also use the ALM Connectivity Add-in to access OTA functionality, without installing the full ALM client component.
ALM Lab Service Enables you to remotely trigger functional tests and maintenance tasks on a testing host using ALM. Install and configure the ALM Lab Service agent on functional testing hosts (such as VAPI and United Functional Testing) that need to connect to Lab Management.
ALM Client Registration Deploys and registers ALM components on a client machine. Activation of this tool is available on local client of ALM.
Shared Deployment for Virtual Environments Deploys ALM components on a shared location of a client machine. Activation of this tool is available on local client of ALM.
Webgate Customization Customizes the WebGate client component.

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ALM Add-ins

To download add-ins, visit ALM Add-ins on Marketplace.

The following ALM add-ins are available:

Name Description Download add-in Help
ALM Business Views Microsoft Excel Enables you to create and populate Excel reports based on ALM Business Views.

Business Views Microsoft Excel Reports
ALM Client Cleanup Enables ALM client users to remove downloaded client components from their computers.

ALM Client Launcher Enables you to use an ALM client on any Windows machine without the need of deploying it from an ALM server and without Windows administrator permissions.
ALM Client Log Manager Enables you to manage the ALM client logs.

ALM Client MSI Generator Enables you to generate MSI files for locally deploying ALM client components on client machines.

ALM Client MSI Generator
ALM Explorer Enables ALM client users to run ALM outside of a browser interface.

ALM Quality Insight Enables you to perform a global search across ALM modules and to manage KPI cards

Installation Guide:
ALM Google Sheets Enables you to upload requirements, tests, and defects from your Google Sheets spreadsheet directly to ALM.

Google Sheets add-on
ALM Microsoft Excel Enables you to export your existing tests, requirements, or defects stored in Microsoft Excel directly to ALM.

Microsoft Excel add-in
ALM Microsoft Word Enables you to export your existing test plan data or requirement data stored in Microsoft Word directly to ALM.

Microsoft Word add-in
ALM Quality of Things (ALM QoT)

Enables you to run manual tests and submit defects to ALM from your mobile device or computer, without the need to download the ALM client.

ALM Dashboard Enables you to view dashboards from your mobile devices, without downloading an ALM client.

ALM Dashboard mobile application
ALM Synchronizer Enables synchronization between ALM and third-party products, including Atlassian JIRA, Rational ClearQuest, Rational RequisitePro, and Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS). In addition, ALM Synchronizer Adapter SDK enables development of additional adapters to other third-party products.

ALM System Test Remote Agent

Enables you to run an ALM system test. You run a system test to retrieve a machine's system information, view a captured desktop image of a test run on a machine, or restart your computer.

Defects and Requirements Exchange with Service Manager / Service Center Enables defects and requirements exchange between Service Manager / Service Center and ALM.

Content Packs for GDPR, CCPA and POPIA

Enables you to import the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, European Union), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA, California), and Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA, South Africa) into ALM and ALM Octane.

Screen Recorder Enables you to record what is displayed on your screen as a movie and create a defect in ALM with the movie attached.

SOX IT Assessment Accelerator Provides a predefined project template to assist you in testing for SOX compliance.

Sprinter Provides a suite of advanced features and tools that make manual testing more efficient and effective.

Unified Functional Testing Enables you to work with Unified Functional Testing (UFT) in an ALM project.

Unified Functional Testing for Business Process Testing Enables you to work with business process tests automated with Unified Functional Testing (UFT) in an ALM project.


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ALM Extensions

You can enable extensions that are available for your site's ALM edition. For details on enabling extensions, see Enabling Extensions for a Project.

The following ALM extensions are available:

Name Description Download add-in Help
Application Lifecycle Intelligence (ALI) Enables you to aggregate information from multiple ALM tools to establish complete traceability.

IDE Connector Customizer Enables you to perform customizations necessary for working with ALI for ALM.

ALM Lab Extension for Functional and Performance Testing

Enables you to work with Lab Management and LoadRunner Enterprise. For details on enabling extensions, see Enabling Extensions for a Project.

Also requires that you install ALM Lab Service.

ALM UFT Mobile Enables you to integrate UFT Mobile with ALM. For details on enabling the UFT Mobile extension, see Enabling UFT Mobile.    

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