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ALM Web Administration is a pure web application that consolidates site administration and SaaS add-on administration capabilities. On-premises and SaaS admin users can access the application from any web browser.


Web Administration replaces SaaS add-on. For on-premises, it is in the tech preview stage.

Note: The data available to SaaS admin users in Web Administration is filtered by customer.

With Web Administration, you can do the following tasks.

Task Details
Create and maintain domains and projects See Projects tab.
Manage users See User Management tab.
Manage customers (for SaaS only) See Customers tab (for SaaS only).
Manage roles ( for SaaS only) See Role Management tab (for SaaS only).
Manage authentication policies See Authentication tab.

Manage licenses

Analyze site usages of licenses

See Licenses tab.

Monitor connected users

Monitor audit log (for SaaS only)

See Monitoring tab.
Configure server parameters See Configuration tab.
View and edit your personal information See My Settings page.

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Log in to Web Administration

For on-premises, Web Administration is accessible from the Tools menu of Site Administration. For SaaS, Web Administration is accessible from the ALM Options window.

To log in to Web Administration:

  1. Browse to your ALM URL:
    http://<ALM server name/IP address>[<:port number>]/qcbin.

    Contact your system administrator if you do not have the correct URL.

    For Single-Sign-On users:

    1. If the user discovery page is displayed, add your user name or email address as specified in ALM. Click Submit.
    2. In the IDP page, add your IDP credentials. Click the log in button.
  2. For on-premises, in the Application Lifecycle Management Options window, click Site Administration. From the Tools menu, select Web Administration.

  3. For SaaS, in the Application Lifecycle Management Options window, click Web Administration.

  4. In the Web Administration login page, enter your username and password.

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Web Administration masthead

The Web Administration masthead is common to all tabs. It displays the following:

UI Element Description
Displays the server time.

Click the down arrow, and you see the following options:

  • My Settings: Opens the My Settings page, enabling you to change your personal information and view your user properties. For details, see My Settings page.

  • Log Out: Logs the current account out of Web Administration.

Available for ALM SaaS only.

Active Customer: Displays the current customer.

My Customer: Displays the customer where the logged in user belongs.

To switch to another active customer:

  1. Click the active customer name to open the Change Active Customer dialog box.

  2. In the Active Customer field, select the customer you want to switch to.

  3. Click OK.

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