ALM Lab Service Overview

ALM Lab Service acts as an agent on the testing host, enabling ALM to remotely trigger tests and maintenance tasks on the host.

Lab Service runs in the background on the testing host. In order to integrate your testing host with ALM Lab Management capabilities, you define the host in the Hosts/Testing Hosts module in Lab Management or ALM and then point ALM Lab Service to the ALM server using the Lab Service Settings page. For user interface details, see ALM Lab Service Agent.

A one-time registration process validates the identity of the agent and establishes a secure communication channel between ALM and the host. After registration, use ALM to run functional tests and perform maintenance tasks on the remote host.

Lab Service acts as a secure interface between ALM and your testing host. Communications with ALM, such as test requests, test results, and maintenance tasks pass through Lab Service. The Lab service communicates with ALM over the standard HTTP protocol and can traverse firewalls. Stopping the ALM Lab service prevents ALM Lab Management from using the host for running tests.

For task information, see Using ALM Lab Service.