New Testing Host Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to create a testing host.

To access
  • Lab Management: Under Lab Resources, select Hosts. Then click the New Testing Host button.
  • ALM: Under Lab Resources, select Testing Hosts. Then click the New Testing Host button
Important information
  • You can create new public hosts in Lab Management only. Hosts created in ALM are considered private hosts and are added directly to the host pool of the project. You can modify private hosts in ALM.
  • You can only create a host over a firewall if it is given the Load generator purpose.
Relevant tasks

How to Manage Testing Hosts

See also

Lab Resources Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Clear All Fields. Clears the data.

Spell Check. Checks the spelling for the selected word or text box.

Thesaurus. Displays a synonym, antonym, or related word for the selected word.

Spelling Options. Enables you to configure how to check the spelling.

Field Search. Enables you to search for a specified field name. Supports wildcard search with asterisk "*" and question mark "?".

For example: a*b returns acb and adefb; a?b returns acb


The name of the new host.

Tip: Give the host a meaningful name. This can be derived from the location, purpose, type, identity, or operating system of the host. The more information provided with the name, the easier it is to use and maintain the system. Make sure that the name is easy to remember and not too long.

Caution: For remote hosts being used for functional tests,this must be the name of the computer without the domain name. If the name entered does not match the name of the host you are trying to register, registration will fail.


Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*) and are displayed in red. For details on the available host fields, see Hosts Fields.