Build Verification Overview

The Build Verification module enables you to define a suite of automated functional test sets bundled together with a single performance test (called a build verification suite). When run together, the build verification suite checks the overall status of your build.

When defining a build verification suite, you can select an AUT environment configuration which represents the build on which ALM checks the status. For details about AUT environment configuration, see .

If your system is integrated with Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA), you can instruct ALM to provision machines and deploy the build on a dynamic environment. For details on the integration between ALM and CDA, see Lab Resources.

Build verification suites are a key component in ALM's Continuous Delivery solution. They facilitate an automated, end-to-end deployment and testing framework that makes application development more efficient, reliable, and quick. For details about how build verification suites can be used as part of this process, see Deploying and Testing your Application in ALM.

For task details, see How to Work with Build Verification Suites in ALM.