Link AUT Environments to CDA

Linking your project to Micro Focus Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) enables you to dynamically provision and deploy your testing environments. You use Lab Management to configure CDA servers in ALM.

Note: For information about setting up CDA Servers in Lab Management, see the Micro Focus ALM Lab Management Guide: CDA Servers Overview.

ALM Editions: The AUT Environments module is available only for ALM Edition. For information about ALM editions and their functionality, see ALM editions. To find out which edition of ALM you are using, ask your ALM site administrator.

To take advantage of dynamic provisioning and deployment, you first link your AUT environment configuration to CDA. Then, when you run a test set or build verification suite, instead of supplying specific environment parameters, you implement the linked AUT environment configuration. CDA then automatically allocates an available set of the required resources from the cloud. When using an AUT environment configuration linked to CDA, you do not need to keep track of the values of multiple environment parameters, and you do not have to check the availability of environment resources before running a test.

For task information, see How to Work with AUT Environments.