Deploying and Testing your Application in ALM

ALM Editions: Many of the tasks below include components available only for users with ALM Edition. For information about ALM editions and their functionality, see ALM editions. To find out which edition of ALM you are using, ask your ALM site administrator.

ALM enables you to completely automate the complicated process of taking a build of an application through deployment and testing. You can use ALM, in conjunction with the Lab Management features, to schedule deployments and test sets to be run nightly or hourly. This deployment and testing is run without user intervention and can be scheduled to run immediately following the completion of your build. You can also arrange for your build to be deployed on a specific environment that you define, or even integrate with Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) to be deployed dynamically on a private or public cloud.

ALM and Lab Management provide the testing components which allow your application team to achieve a state of Continuous Delivery, where software can be developed, packaged, deployed, and tested in an automated fashion, resulting in the ability to provide software reliably, efficiently, and with great speed.

This section describes the different components ALM provides to facilitate end-to-end deployment and testing.