Modifying Timeslot Reservations

When you modify an open timeslot, depending on the modification, the timeslot might split into two separate timeslots.

A timeslot splits when:

  • You stop a run and select to keep the reserved resources for the remaining time (for performance test timeslots only).

  • The run ends more than 30 minutes before the timeslot ends (for performance test timeslots that are not "NEW" ad-hoc timeslots).

  • You modify an open timeslot that is not active, that is, no tests are currently running.

Note: When a performance test is running, the timeslot can be modified from within the tests' Test Run Page only. Changes that can be made include: prolonging a timeslot, adding Vusers, and adding hosts. For details, see the LoadRunner Enterprise documentation.

Parent topic: Reserving Timeslots Overview